If the design of hotels or restaurants is made with errors and miscalculations, there is no understanding of the concept of location, positioning and target audience in the chosen solution, if the solution itself does not take into account the connection between the guest flow and technological premises, the success of the object is exposed to enormous risk. The lack of knowledge of designers about the elements of equipment of complexes and professional finishing materials has a devastating impact on the launch of the facility, causes serious financial losses for hotel owners and restaurant complexes.

Businessmen planning profitable business activities, counting on the construction of valuable real estate, which will become a popular infrastructure object, are recommended to order the design of hotels, as well as the design of restaurants by VR-GROUP professionals. Having successfully implemented more than 150 projects, we provide a full range of design services, creating an ideal concept using innovative technologies and energy-efficient solutions, as well as developing all the necessary documentation with sketches, diagrams, drawings, specifications.

Design of hotels of any complexity

Thanks to the high qualification, many years of experience and all material and technical resources, the VR-GROUP bureau team is able design a hotel of any level of complexity:

  • 5-star hotels;
  • luxury hotel complexes;
  • fashionable boutique hotels;
  • budget hotels;
  • guest houses;
  • compact hostels.

In order for the future object to enjoy the loyalty of guests, attract regular visitors, bring good profit and moral satisfaction to the owner, the design of the hotel includes the application of fresh and effective solutions, the creation of:

  • a memorable atmosphere;
  • spaces with ergonomics and aesthetics, which are harmoniously combined with functionality;
  • high-tech equipment using modern innovations.

The rooms create an atmosphere of comfort and convenience, privacy and peace. The latest materials with sound absorption properties provide silence and protection against external noise. Ceilings are designed with vibration suspensions, walls and partitions are made of granulated noise absorbing panels, with vibration tapes.

The most suitable planning structure is selected for the object – atrium, gallery, nodal, corridor, compact, pavilion placement. This takes into account the climatic factor and location in the urban infrastructure, priority of activity, class of institution, capacity. Hotel design, as well as design of hotel complexes, includes the choice of building architecture, interior design, as well as landscape design.

The project of the new facility, drawn up by engineers, necessarily meets all current standards, norms and rules (environmental, sanitary and hygienic, technical, construction, etc.). Experienced specialists design a hotel that works to meet the tasks of your business, reduces operating costs, using:

  • minimization the number of corridors, transit zones;
  • integration of the latest energy-efficient solutions;
  • implementation of security systems.

All these nuances help to create an infrastructure object that increases the social valence of the location, is designed to conduct profitable activities for many years.

Hotel or guest house architecture

The facade of the building is selected in the optimal type, taking into account the location relative to the urban infrastructure, climatic conditions, purpose (SPA hotel, hotel complex, guesthouse, apartments). The inner part may include:

  • room stock;
  • reception;
  • lounge area;
  • SPA zone;
  • indoor pool;
  • underground parking;
  • restaurant, bar, cafe;
  • gym;
  • a children’s room;
  • a conference room;
  • elevators;
  • medical office;
  • banquet hall and more.

Technical premises

The main technical premises of the hotel, which are usually included in the project, are:

  • staff premises;
  • administration;
  • restaurant kitchen;
  • economic service;
  • equipment storage rooms;
  • laundry room, etc.

Development of the territory of the hotel or guest house

An important part of the design of a hotel or guest house is the improvement of the adjacent territory. In some cases, it is enough to create a landscape design with many green spaces, flowerbeds, pedestrian paths, ground parking for guests. But many owners of future hotels want to offer their customers full service. Therefore, they order the design of an entire complex, which may include the following details of the improvement of the territory:

  • an outdoor pool, possibly cascade type, with an equipped platform where a bar area, sun loungers, sun canopies, etc. will be located. ;
  • tennis court, basketball court, mini-football field, outdoor training ground, garden mini golf;
  • an interactive platform for children’s games;
  • lounge area.

Engineering communications

Convenient accommodation guarantees the correct design of internal engineering communications:

  • water supply;
  • sewerage;
  • electrical wiring;
  • gas supply;
  • the Internet;
  • telephony;
  • television;
  • ventilation;
  • air conditioning;
  • fire alarm and fire extinguishing system;
  • heating system.

A mandatory condition is the presence of an evacuation plan, fire exits, fire panels, stairs.

Design of restaurants

Do you remember that the first impression with the WOW effect can only be made once? That’s why restaurant design should be carried out by experienced designers who have all the skills, who have the opportunity to offer creative ideas that can really be successfully implemented. In VR-GROUP bureau you can order not only the architectural design of the restaurant, but also a full-fledged concept of the restaurant.

You get an integrated product ideally set for the success of a complete landing, taking into account the economy of construction, the best implementation of atmospheric design, the use of innovative technologies. We will develop an architectural design of a restaurant of any complexity:

  • with an open kitchen;
  • with travellators where food is placed around the seating chart perimeter;
  • with speakeasy and shelter bars;
  • full-cycle restaurant complexes;
  • thematic pubs and cafes;
  • karaoke bars.

Restaurant design can be carried out with preliminary analysis of location and potential audience, integration of sales area, vending machines, showcases, advertising photo walls, information and functional zones. The composition of the project documentation includes sketches, drawings and diagrams. The main elements of the restaurant project are:

  • kitchen;
  • visitor room (several halls);
  • additional halls (banquet, VIP, karaoke, hookah, lounge area);
  • dressing room;
  • toilets;
  • utility rooms.

Attention is paid to the correct choice of layout, as well as the placement of the necessary communications and systems (air conditioning and ventilation, firefighting, electricity supply, gas supply, water supply, sewerage, etc.). Important is the design of restaurant lighting that affects the overall perception and creation of a pleasant, peaceful and engaging atmosphere. All the wishes of the client, as well as marketing research data, are taken into account.

In addition, VR-GROUP specialists select modern equipment for the kitchen of restaurants, taking into account the menu which will be offered to visitors, whether they need grills, BBQs, WOK stoves. The installation of a multimedia system, aroma spraying systems for the implementation of aroma marketing can also be calculated.

Benefits of ordering hotels and restaurants in VR-GROUP

Why should you order hotel and guest house design at the VR-GROUP architectural bureau? When creating projects, specialists follow the next rules:

  • creation of a unique, memorable architectural style, interior design. This approach allows increasing the potential of customer loyalty, causing guests to want to return every time;
  • minimization of transit zones, corridors – non-income-generating spaces;
  • calculation of the optimal size of each room, restaurant hall;
  • room layout, reducing energy consumption, heat loss;
  • creation of a competent drop-off – a system of entrance of clients’ transport, an entrance system for guests with disabilities;
  • integration of a security system, including entry control, video surveillance, room access control. Handles with anti-panic elements on emergency doors, windows with special film to protect against strangers, etc. can also be used. ;
  • formation of rational planning taking into account the functionality of the object, purpose, level;
  • taking into account the need to equip the facility with modern insect traps;
  • taking into account the potential of local residents;
  • reducing maintenance costs by using high-quality materials that only improve the atmosphere over the years, do not need to be replaced;
  • comprehensive design, including architectural part, landscape, interior with choice of textiles, serving, integration of original works of art, innovative equipment, adaptation or development of brand style.

Contacting the architectural bureau VR-GROUP, you get help in the design of restaurants and hotels on a turnkey basis, with the development of all the necessary technical solutions that are required to coordinate the project, obtain permits from regulatory authorities.

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