To start building a house or country cottage, you need not only a building site and finance, but also an agreed project. If you have a typical or individual project of the house, which has been approved by the regulatory authorities, only in this case you will be issued a building permit. Our architectural bureau VR-GROUP offers comprehensive house design services, providing a set of all documents – sketches, drawings, diagrams, specifications.

It is the individual project that takes into account the important nuances of the future structure – from location in the infrastructure, climatic conditions, features of relief and soils, to the purpose, personal wishes of the future owner. In addition, ordering individual house design, you get an original facade that attracts attention, carefully thought-out layout with the creation of various functional areas, preparation of a place for each family member, your guests and even pets.

Main stages of individual project development of the house

Where does an individual project begin with? First of all, with a consultation at which the concept of the house is worked out. This stage involves working with the client, during which engineers collect maximum information about your dreams and wishes, as well as how real the proposed ideas are in terms of implementation. The further progress of work includes:

  • creating a sketched project;
  • performing geodetic surveys, obtaining topographic surveys;
  • development of an architectural and working project with a structural section;
  • landscape design;
  • drawing up material and equipment specifications.

The individual project includes the layout of internal premises, engineering and communication systems – water supply, gas supply, electricity supply, sewerage, heating, Internet, alarm, video surveillance systems, etc.

Important modern home elements that are taken into consideration in designing

Originality of the facade with a beautiful design, the presence of ergonomic external lighting, convenient entrance, safe entrance system – these nuances are taken into account in the individual design of the house. In addition, the design of houses and cottages may include the following elements:

  • a fence with a gate, a wicket gate;
  • a garage for private cars, which is part of a house or a separate building;
  • an outdoor swimming pool with a landscaped lounge area;
  • an interactive platform for children’s games, sports;
  • BBQ area;
  • a system of irrigation;
  • autonomous heating system;
  • to the greenhouse;
  • gazebo, canopy and more.

The interior is planned taking into account the personal preferences of the customer, the number of people in the family and may include:

  • living room;
  • kitchen;
  • bedrooms;
  • children’s room (one or more);
  • a guest room;
  • bathroom, shower, toilet (preferably several, especially if the house has more than 1st floor);
  • sauna, swimming pool;
  • gym;
  • study, library, dressing room, laundry room, billiard room – everything you want to have in your dream home.

Individual design of houses is carried out with strict observance of all existing norms, rules, standards (construction, sanitary and hygienic, firefighting).

What errors does the individual project help to avoid?

Why does it make sense to order an individual project rather than download the documentation of a typical project from the Internet? The main feature is protection against global and small errors, significant savings of your finances, guarantee of durability, reliability, safety of the building, the construction of which will be carried out according to the correct and well-prepared design documentation.

By ordering an individual house design, you get rid of the following problems:

  • the right choice of foundation taking into account geology, load. The difference in money can reach UAH 500,000 or more;
  • landing – how and in what place on the site it is best to build a house, how the sun will move, surroundings.

If the place is chosen incorrectly, there are such problems: lack of insulation, a panorama from fences opens from the windows, heat loss increases;

  • axis binding on the ground. Without this condition, there is a possibility of non-compliance with regulatory indentation, which may provoke lawsuits from neighbors up to and including the demolition of buildings;
  • material for facade, walls. A competent choice of materials saves from 200,000 UAH or more, allows you to increase heat efficiency and not only.

Engineering communications is one of the most important issues envisaged by the project. If there is no access to existing systems on the site, it is necessary not only to calculate the connection and entry of networks into the house, but also to additional construction of engineering systems. The power supply scheme and coordination are a necessity without which comfort cannot be realized. Incorrect heating calculation – and your house will be cold in winter.

Order individual design in VR-GROUP

If you decide to order an individual project of the house in the architectural bureau VR-GROUP, you don’t have to worry about all drawings, schemes, specifications, approvals – we offer a comprehensive turnkey service. As a result of cooperation, you get a carefully thought-out and coordinated individual project, fully ready for implementation. In addition to the original architecture and aesthetic facade, your house will have a beautiful and comfortable landscape with energy-efficient lighting.

Experienced engineers will be able to choose modern energy, heating, air conditioning systems, will introduce high-quality and durable materials for construction and finishing works. Ordering an individual project of a house, cottage, villa in the VR GROUP bureau, you avoid such mistakes as overexpenditure of materials, swayed walls due to incorrect calculated load, subsided foundation, cold in winter, heat in summer, poor water pressure, power outages.

According to statistics, the presence of an individual project developed by professional engineers significantly reduces financial costs during the construction of structures, reduces the time of construction, allows you to build a reliable and safe house. In the architectural bureau VR-GROUP you will also be offered 3D visualization of the project so that from the very beginning you can appreciate all the advantages of your future cottage, feel an atmosphere of comfort, coziness, warmth and fall in love with the landscape and interior.

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