In order to start construction, it is necessary to prepare a huge number of documents and permits. Without them, it is impossible to legally start the process of building construction.

Papers should be issued strictly before any work begins. Only after receiving all the necessary permits you can be sure that the construction of the future building will begin on time, as well as be put into operation in time specified earlier. In order for the documents to be made correctly and as a result approved by the relevant authorities, it is worth contacting experienced specialists at the architectural bureau for help.

This kind of company is engaged not only in paper compilation, but also in the design of the object. That means that in one organization you can order everything you need to start construction and not worry about quality. As a rule, the services of architectural bureaus include:

• collection of information on the land area on which construction is planned, its analysis and assessment of financial potential;

• preliminary development of sketches, formation of a concept of the future building or structure, preparation of estimates;

• applying to the relevant authorities for a construction permit;

• development of the final version of the project in agreement with the client;

• registration of permits by the company’s lawyers, as well as their approval and approval by certain services;

• drawing up and signing a number of contracts with contractors/builders;

• monitoring and control of construction work, resolution of unforeseen situations;

• monitoring the quality of construction work;

• another.

The Architectural Bureau deals with all kinds of work related to the construction process: from the creation of the project to the moment when the building will be put into operation. Of course, it is possible to order a project from the bureau, and draw up permits separately with a lawyer. But this is not the most convenient option, as the latter will have to spend a lot of time studying the construction plan. The client will also spend twice as much time and money. It is much easier and rational to order a project and legal support for construction in one company. In such companies, all departments work as one mechanism and all specialists are within reach. It can be safely argued that making documentation and construction plan in one company simplifies the process as much as possible.


As it has been mentioned before, it is impossible to start legal construction without all the necessary documents. The first thing to prepare for the land owner is a passport and identification number, notarized ownership of the area, and in case of reconstruction – for the building, a copy of the master plan or topographic survey on a certain scale, a plan or design of the future building (depending on the planned area of construction), documents confirming technical supervision, a certificate of registration with the architectural inspection.

The issuance of a permit to start construction depends on its area and has some differences. Thus, the construction of objects up to five hundred square meters in size begins with geodetic exploration. It includes calculating site parameters, as well as topographic surveying. This is necessary in order to collect information about the terrain plan and prevent possible violations. It is also necessary to copy the master plan.

The next step is to submit a plan for future construction at a certain institution for consideration. To make such a sketch, you need to contact an architect, as it is impossible to design it yourself for a non-specialist. All drawn up documents are submitted to the civil service, which must approve them and issue a construction passport. If the customer receives the necessary permits, he/she can start construction: the future construction meets all standards.

As for houses with an area of more than five hundred square meters, more documents are required to obtain a permit.

The first stage in the first and second cases coincides: it is geodetic exploration and topographic surveying. The next step is to process project documentation (pre-design development) at the architectural bureau, which must be submitted to the local architecture department. Only then you can start creating the final project. As with the sketch, you won’t be able to do it yourself. Documents on author’s and technical supervision will also be required. Only after all the above mentioned documents are ready you can register a request that you plan to start construction.

The list of necessary documents changes depending on the type of building you plan to build: administrative (office and business centers), shopping (shopping centers, shops, markets), financial (banks, etc.), educational (schools, kindergartens, universities, colleges, etc.), medical and preventive (sanatorium, hospitals, medical centers, clinics, dentists), entertainment (cinemas, theaters, circuses, clubs), sports (stadiums, skating rinks, sports centers), catering enterprises (restaurants, cafes, bars), hotels and others.

Different requirements are imposed for the construction of each of the listed types of buildings. If we compare the process of obtaining construction documents for private residential buildings and commercial institutions, the latter requires much more time and effort. It is impossible to organize the papers correctly on your own if you are not a specialist. There is a huge number of pitfalls. Ignorance of all the subtleties of the process leads to financial losses and time wasting. For this reason, the most correct solution will be cooperation with the architectural bureau. Experienced specialists of VR Group will do all the work qualitatively and accurately; you will definitely enjoy the construction process.