The standard of living of the population is growing every day, and therefore housing standards and requirements are changing. Few people want to buy an apartment in old panel houses built in the sixties of the last century.

Modern residential complexes, which will have a huge demand for apartments, should be located in an area with developed infrastructure, good transport interchange, parks and recreation areas. Equally important is the plan and exterior of apartment buildings.


The design of residential complexes begins with the choice of the number of floors, as well as the class of the future building. It can be supplemented with garbage pipelines, elevator, gym, underground parking and other elements. It is worth noting that buildings with five or less floors used to be rarely equipped with an elevator. Nowadays, even three-storey houses can be equipped with an elevator. This device increases the level of comfort of residents, so it is worth considering this aspect when designing residential complexes.

The creation of an apartment building plan involves several stages. The first is the collection of information and its return. The next, and without a doubt, main stage of designing a residential complex is called “sketch”. At this stage, the main idea is formed and optimal solutions for its implementation are looked for. The last phase is the actual design of the residential complex.

What does the design of residential buildings include? It covers the following indicators:

The amount of natural light is a very important factor that is often ignored by developers. In the case of one- and three-room apartments, one of the rooms should be well lit by a natural light source, and in the case of apartments ranging in the size of four rooms – two sources are required. All windows of the same apartment cannot only go north.

All utility rooms during the design of residential complexes should be “placed” on the north side of the house.

The number of floors, the size of the rooms, the width of corridors and stairs, the parameters of doorways should be planned taking into account sanitary and fire safety standards. Otherwise, the house cannot be put into operation.

The height of the rooms should be at least 280 centimeters, and the distance between the floors of the two floors (levels) should be at least 300 centimeters. The design of residential complexes also includes the calculation of the minimum width of the rooms: for the living room the it is 320 centimeters, for bedrooms and kitchen – 270 centimeters, for the bathroom – 170 centimeters, and for the kitchen from 190 to 230 centimeters.

The next important factor to consider when designing residential complexes is fire safety rules. These include the organization of free territory near the house and passages for fire trucks, equipping the building with firefighting equipment, placing evacuation plans on the walls, planning the appropriate number of emergency exits, calculating the optimal width of corridors and stairs for rapid evacuation.

The above is only a small part of the components that must be observed in the design of residential complexes of any complexity.


There is a huge number of companies on the market that offer residential design services. But you need to choose the one that has already proven itself and got positive feedback from customers. The architectural bureau, which is one of the best, is VR Group. Here are a few reasons why it is worth cooperating with us:

individual approach to customers – the company’s employees take into account all the wishes of the customer, as well as offer compromise solutions;

only experienced specialists – the bureau employs professionals who can boast extensive experience and a large number of successful projects implemented.

quality assurance – the company’s employees take a responsible approach to the creation of each project, think through every detail and draw up a plan for the future residential complex in accordance with all norms and rules;

fast task fulfilment – the creation of architectural projects of residential complexes of any complexity is carried out in the shortest possible time, which does not affect its quality;

assistance in drawing up the necessary documents – to start the construction of a residential building requires a huge number of permits from almost all state authorities. The company’s specialists will advise in detail on each document, competently draw them up and help with its approval by the relevant service;

recommendations – all customers who worked with us were satisfied with both the result and the process; our customers are ready to recommend us to their friends and family.

Of course, you can buy a ready-made project, which has already been implemented several times. It will be cheaper, but it can have many drawbacks. As a result, you can lose money, as the building will not be put into operation by certain services. It is for this reason that it is worth contacting professionals who will do all the work for you, and you will enjoy the ease of the process and excellent result. Trust the professionals who offer the best residential design services.

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