Due to the rapid pace of development of engineering thought, the evolution of the appearance of public buildings and structures allowed us to enjoy comfortable and functional buildings. The growth of the population of cities and the increase in their area have caused needs for new shopping centers, schools, universities, clinics, and other commercial institutions. For this reason, the design of public buildings has become a popular branch of architectural bureaus.


Many factors need to be taken into account when designing shops and shopping malls. First of all, it is necessary to use the territory allocated for construction as rationally as possible. It is worth considering that each retail space should have utility rooms. The space in which the cafe is planned to open should be equipped in accordance with the requirements of the sanitary and epidemiological service. Only the design of shops and shopping centers taking into account all the nuances will allow it to be put into operation on time.

The second, but not less important, is fire safety. Sometimes architectural companies try to reduce the size of corridors and halls to increase the number of shops. This is unacceptable from a security point of view. In case of evacuation, visitors will not be able to leave and find a way out of such public buildings and structures.

Thirdly, the architectural design of the shopping center should be in harmony with the buildings that surround it. For example, modernist shopping malls cannot be built in the historical center of the city. Its facade will stand out from the overall picture and create a visual dissonance.

In order for the architectural design of public buildings to be carried out qualitatively, it is necessary to ask for help from professionals. Specialists will take into account all the details and create the perfect plan.


The design of public buildings and structures of this type requires a particularly careful approach. The structure of medical centers and dentistry should correspond to their specialization and purposes, as well as the planned volume of patients. The area of halls and corridors should be subtracted for the free movement of personnel and visitors, as well as for safe evacuation.

The design of hospitals and clinics also requires special attention in terms of hygiene. It is necessary to plan the sewerage system correctly, provide rooms for sterilization of medical instruments, as well as the presence of a washbasin in each office. The design of dental clinics dictates the same rules.

Creating architectural plans for such public buildings and structures includes a huge number of nuances, up to the height of the offices and the permissible number of floors. Design of a medical center is not possible without the help of experienced specialists.


School design, like hospital design, should begin with the selection of a suitable site. The maximum radius of accessibility of the school from housing is about five hundred meters. The school territory should be large enough to accommodate economic, sports and recreational areas.

As for the number of floors, it’s a maximum of three to four levels. The area of classes and laboratories should clearly correlate with its capacity. There should be enough natural light in the rooms.

The design of universities is similar to the layouts of schools, only its size and capacity have been increased several times. To build safe, functional and comfortable educational institutions, you need to contact the architectural bureau, as it is impossible to perform such work on your own.


Architectural design of civil buildings requires an integrated approach. This thesis can be well demonstrated by the example of sports complexes. For example: a stadium is a universal building that has a number of purposes: educational, training, demonstration.

The layout of such buildings should include a huge number of factors: from additional staff rooms, conference rooms and saunas to fire safety. An important point is the stability of the structure itself, its capacity and ability to accommodate a certain number of spectators.

The design of public sports buildings should be entrusted to professional architects, who will take into account all the features inherent in this type of building.


Designing public buildings like banks should take into account additional measures to ensure the safety of employees and customers. The premises should be divided into so-called groups, accessible to customers and staff, or a certain employee of the institution.

The design of administrative buildings, as well as commercial buildings, requires compliance with fire safety rules. Only experienced specialists can be entrusted with bank planning.

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