Reconstruction of public buildings

Reconstruction of buildings and structures for public purposes includes several stages. When starting to carry out such work, it is necessary to collect all information first of all. It relates to the purpose of the construction after the reconstruction, the technical condition of the construction before modernization, the availability of all the required communications and much more.

Reconstruction of public buildings is carried out for the purpose of modernizing the structure, creating additional area or changing its internal structure.


The scheme of reconstruction of public buildings cannot be standard for all types of premises. Each of them requires an individual approach, as it initially performs certain functions. Thus, the reconstruction of industrial buildings will differ significantly from the reconstruction of educational institutions.

Let’s consider the main types of structures in which public buildings can be reconstructed:

Financial institutions.

Pre-school educational institutions.

School buildings.

Hotel buildings.

Sports complex and facilities.

Spectacular buildings (cinemas, theaters, clubs, circuses)

Museum and exhibition buildings.

Buildings and trade institutions.

Food processing plant buildings.

Buildings of medical and preventive institutions.

This list does not include the reconstruction of industrial buildings.

It is worth noting that the reconstruction of public buildings is different from similar work in residential buildings. When planning, it is necessary to take into account the architectural features of the structures, as well as their purpose. For the reconstruction of buildings to be successful, it is best to give it to professionals.


Reconstruction of public buildings should begin with the design.

First of all, information about the status of the object is collected. This is necessary to determine the timing of the work, as well as to draw up an estimate for the reconstruction of buildings and structures.

The restructuring process is characterized by a number of specific features. Among them:

Preservation of functionality – as a rule, restructuring is aimed at increasing the level of functionality, or maintaining it. The project for the reconstruction of public buildings should be designed so that the quality characteristics of the structure do not decrease.

Security is one of the main principles on which buildings are reconstructed. The modernization plan should be developed in accordance with safety regulations. The finished facility should be safe for visitors and employees.

Improvement of the interior or exterior – after the completion of the reconstruction of buildings and structures, their interior and appearance should either remain unchanged (if it was satisfactory before the work) or significantly improve.

In order to carry out qualitative and safe reconstruction of public buildings, it is necessary to take into account the above mentioned factors as well as additional ones. Modernization of structures is a very responsible task, which can only be performed by experienced specialists. It is best to order the services of reconstruction of a public building in a trusted architectural bureau.

The company, which offers reconstruction services, will offer several ways for reconstruction, as well as develop the project in the best possible time.

Reconstruction of public building


Reconstruction with superstructure of a public building under the office center