Office centers are the most popular type of buildings today. Thanks to the rapid development of the economy, the emergence of new entrepreneurship, this type of building is extremely popular in the real estate market.

The design of office buildings should be carried out according to all requirements. Such multifunctional buildings are often ten floors or higher, so it is worth approaching the planning and implementation of the project as responsibly as possible. Obviously, a person without special education and work experience cannot create a business center plan. For this reason, it is necessary to contact professionals in the architectural bureau and order an office building project.


A business center is a building or complex of buildings, the infrastructure of which allows you to conduct productive business activities in it. There is a whole list of requirements that this type of building should meet:

Functionality – the design of business centers should include not only plans of offices and conference rooms, but also provision of sufficient space for parking, kitchens or food courts, bathrooms, recreational areas.

Versatility – all workplaces in the building should be characterized by the same working conditions as possible. This includes optimal air conditioning and lighting, access to bathrooms, office equipment and more.

Safety – the design of the business center is impossible without taking into account fire safety rules. Particular attention is paid to evacuation routes.

Vertical and horizontal communications – all communications must be approved by special officials.

Ergonomic and practicality – the design of business centers is carried out in such a way as to provide employees with the most comfortable conditions for performing work tasks.

Environmentally friendly – during the implementation of the office building project, low-quality building materials, office furniture and other things cannot be used.

The design of the office building requires a huge amount of time.


In order to ensure comfortable working conditions, it is necessary to apply a comprehensive approach to the design of office buildings. There is a huge number of features and nuances that need to be observed. In order to understand what the design of the business center includes, it is necessary to list the main components of the process.

Business centers should be located in an area with good transport interchange, developed infrastructure; as a rule, it is a city center or business district. As for the exterior of the building, the design of office space should take into account the appearance and style of the surrounding buildings. In most cases, business centers do not stand, they are decorated in neutral colors. The entrance to the building must be well recognized.

If the construction of a business center is planned on the outskirts of the city, then the process includes not only the design of offices, but also the necessary infrastructure: cafes, shops and others.

As for the interior of the office space, special attention is paid to the parameters. For example, the ceiling height should be at least 2.7 meters. The distance between the windows is also of great importance. The fact is that the light source must be located at least 10 meters away from the used area. Other requirements are made for working places lighting.

The design of the office building should also include calculating the minimum area required for each employee and visitor. The smallest space for the floor of the business center is 500 square meters. This is a factor that provides optimal conditions for employees.

The process of designing office buildings also includes the development of all possible communications. It even includes elevator waiting time, which should not exceed 30 seconds. The load allowed on the lifting machine is 450 kg.

As for the layout, the best option during the design of an office building is a combined type.

It combines an open and corridor-office structure. This structure allows you to make the most of natural light sources, which guarantees the required level of lighting.

During the design of office buildings, you need to pay attention to the smallest details, as well as know all the requirements without which it is impossible to put the building into operation.

Designing office buildings is a difficult task that should be entrusted exclusively to experienced specialists.

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