New, unlike other gyms – fitness center Go Hard.
A new generation training space, a place where everyone will find the equipment to achieve their goals.
VR-Group was a general contractor that worked for more than a year on the implementation of architectural design and implementation of a design project in terms of repair and finishing works..
What exactly did we do?
Adaptation of facades
✔replanning of premises inside
✔power supply, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
✔ drainage and sewerage systems, fire extinguishing
✔structured cable network and video surveillance
Приміщення sound system of the room
✔the whole range of repair and finishing works
and of course
✔arrangement of ground parking.

  • Realization: Nowember 2020
  • Location: Pimonenko, 7A str. Lviv
  • Area: 350м2
  • Services: General contract