The oceanarium is, in fact, a part of the world’s oceans moved closer to people, so that every inhabitant of a big city can see and appreciate all the beauty and grandeur of the marine world and its inhabitants.
In fact, for each fish it is necessary to create its natural conditions with temperature and relief features of habitat. Plus, put it all in a relatively small building in area and provide the effect of the presence of a visitor at the bottom of the ocean.
Wow really impressive !!!

Lviv “Oceanarium” is definitely not easy, we can say even one of the most complex objects we have implemented. Working on this project presented us with many challenges, it was painstaking, but very interesting.
The Oceanarium in Lviv has an area of ​​1,200 m2, three floors of labyrinths with aquariums of different sizes, an 18 m long underwater tunnel, souvenir, recreation and areas for 3D shows.

As it was not possible to place the bathrooms and technical rooms in the main volume of the building, it was decided to place them in the part of the courtyard underground, after which the improvement of the courtyard was developed. Also, all engineering networks were replaced, foundations were strengthened and a comprehensive reconstruction was made.
It is important to note that designing with the innovative technology “BIM” (which is to build a three-dimensional virtual model of the building in digital form), in practice, eliminated many errors and allowed to quickly make changes and control the construction process.

  • Realization: augest 2020
  • Location: 8, Shevchenko Ave., Lviv
  • Area: 1200м2
  • Services: general designer
океанаріум львів
океанаріум львів