“OZON village” is the first energy efficient cottage town in Ivano-Frankivsk with solar modules on roofs and rational consumption of resources. The well-designed infrastructure of a town with a recreational area of 0.7 hectares gives a new perception of the living space and sets a new level for regional development. The project harmoniously fits into the environment, with minimal interference in the landscape and use of natural materials. The town is ideally located between the forest belt and the river.

 Work where you live: the quarantine has intensified the trend towards distant working and living in a country house. It has created a request for housing, which provides a large personal space for each family member.

Another reason for popularity of life in the countryside was the information overload of society. People have a desire for asceticism, because all they want at the end of the day is more nature and a minimum of information and things around. Today’s big trend of “creative city” is destroying the concept of a sleeping area.

The houses are designed like a passive building in Barn Hоuse style with maximum use of sunlight, southern open terraces and ergonomic planning. Barn House is a style of country houses at the junction of minimalism, loft and Biotech, we get a concise, devoid of any decoration house, the main advantage of which is the convenience of living, emphasized spaciousness and loyalty to the environment.

  • Realization: July 2020
  • Location: Sherniiv vil. Ivano-Frankyvsk region
  • Area: 10 495м2
  • Services: general designer
ozon village
ozon village